A Documentary Film, Digital Series, and Art Exhibit

What is WAR INK and the WAR INK PROJECT?

War Ink was originally conceived by Chris Brown, Deputy County Librarian for Santa Clara County, and Army veteran Jason Deitch as an online exhibition about combat veterans telling their storied through memorial tattoos.   The original War Ink online exhibition can be viewed on a desktop here: www.warink.org

The War Ink Project was developed by Hero Media Group, a Los Angeles based development and production company,  in conjunction with Brown and Deitch,  to create a national archive of video interviews and photographs of these veterans and their stories. The content will be used to produce documentaries, multiple digital series and traveling art exhibits.

"With tattoos becoming mainstream and a shared form of self-expression, we saw them as a powerful way to engage civilians and inspire them to learn more about veterans and their experiences while serving our country." said Deitch, co-creator of War Ink.  

About the Series

The War Ink Digital Series is the first production of theWar Ink Project using this content.

War Ink: 11 for 11, is a digital Series featuring compelling interviews and stunning photographs of eleven post-9/11 veterans who use their tattoos to tell stories from their lives on and off the battlefield. The Series is available on wearethemighty.com.

Filmmaker Rebecca Murga, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, directed the Series and co-produced it with Karen Kraft in collaboration with We Are The Mighty,  is a media and lifestyle brand celebrating military service with stories that empower and inspire.

Director Rebecca Murga is an Army Reserve officer and veteran of the Iraq and Afghan Wars. She interviewed twenty four veterans from California while renowned photographer Johann Wolf  photographed them and their body art. The veterans featured in War Ink connect viewers to their emotional journey with stories of survival, loss, hope, anger and love.

Initial Grants and Support

Initial grants and support were provided by Contra Costa County Library, Institute of Museum and Library Services, Pacific Library Partnership, Cal Humanities, StoryCorps, and the Eureka! Leadership Institute. Rebecca Murga and Hero Media group provided additional in-kind support.

Recent Award

The Project was awarded the Schwartz Prize for outstanding work in the public humanities by the Federation of State Humanities Councils.